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Philip + Kylie A Sunrise Proposal

Philip and Kylie have a really cute story. They met at a Christian youth camp, a few really,.. they met several more times, slowly building a friendship, which aspired to a long distant relationship by October 2015. With Philip living in Auckland and Kylie in Hastings it was all about flights back and forth and long conversations, but of course love finds a way, it truly does.

After countless distance travels and conversations Philip and Kylie decided to take the next step and get married!...

'The Proposal'

Early morning Philip drove Kylie to Ocean Beach which set the scene for the morning sunrise, this was the golden hour, {for photographers it was where the magic happens}, all bundled up they sat waiting watching the surfers catch the early waves. There is a moment... a pause...Then they watched the bright sun rise out of the blue sea. It is the first thing to pierce the darkness, carrying with it the torch of a new day.

Next minute Kylie would hear Philip say... “close your eyes” Philip knelt on his knees, and with excitement Kylie opened her eyes with Philip saying “will you marry me?” Her answer,..'Yes!' {although Philip thought she said 'really'?} but she 'really meant 'yes'!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kylie as a bridesmaid while photographing a wedding last year. It was such a special feeling knowing they appreciated my work and ability to be their wedding photographer. The day was perfect for their engagement session. I love our local park Tui Glen, with so many cute spots, it's was a photographers playground.

Congratulations you guys, you are perfect for each other!! I absolutely can not wait for your wedding day in December this year in Hastings!

N a u n a x

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