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I'm Nauna, pronounced {Nelna} 

I'm happy you stopped by and hope you have fun exploring my work.

I like to think of myself as a photographer of people.

My work allows me to connect with so many amazing people and their unique lives.

Life is filled with moments that make us feel alive.

Moments to be celebrated, but are gone in an instant.

To me, every story is worth telling and every memory worth being kept.

The beauty of re-living the experience, moments and emotions you felt on that day.

My creative "voice" as a photographer is deeply influenced by your story,

your family and friends, and the love you share. 

Your story is told through beautiful images that captivate

the heart giving joy to the soul. 

If you're celebrating love, life or people I am excited to meet you! 

 I am based in sunny Brisbane and travel throughout Australia and New Zealand to

shoot joyful and intimate weddings.

Go on!... invite me to your part of the world! 



God, family and life. These are the things that are close to my heart, the things that get me up in the morning. 

#famventurez 2019

We had an amazing family adventure around the world exploring 6 countries in 6 weeks. Here are some of what I captured during our holiday travels.

La . Mexico . New York .
Toronto . Kentucky . North Carolina . Orlando . Miami
London . Paris . China

You can follow us @famventurez for more!

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