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Turning 40!

Turning 40

Ok so it's quite funny that I've just put through a colour in my hair letting it set while I'm writing this blog about turning 40,.. Lol,'s becoming a regular routine to dye my hair leading up to 40, the greys just keep coming back! It's like your hair is reminding you that your getting older.

40! is it really just a number. It doesn’t signify your life as being half over with. Reality: you could die tomorrow, or you could live to be 100.

I see it as a testimony to 39 years of God’s protection and provision over your life! That's a gift! a gift that I love!!

I really didn't know what to expect turning 40, it's not like your turning 21, where it's all about you, about one big party... no not at all,.. it was like any other morning for me, the sound of kids up early getting ready for school, lucky my husband was able to do the morning runs, so I could stay in bed a little longer. Before heading out the door, one by one the kids came to wish me 'happy birthday' with big hugs and kisses! that never gets old!! I get my usual birthday call from my nephews and niece singing happy birthday, then my sister tells me, 'oh well another year another grey hair' Lol I love the humour of getting older, it helps lighten things up as the years add on.

So I'm guessing this is when memory loss starts kicking in, let’s face it, most of us are still mothering little one's in our 40’s, so it’s not really memory loss. Let’s call it exhaustion. Our memory will return when the kids move out. Right? It will…right?

At times I’ve heard my mother say “you’re only as old as you act.” Or was it “you’re only as old as you feel?” Oh well…either way, you get the point. She can be a testimony to that, at 63 she's a strong and healthy women, always determined if there's a will there's a way., and yes there is a will,.. God's Will... here's the simple truth,.. it is by God's grace that I have reached 40.

We tend to celebrate every time another birthday rolls over, but in reality we need to remember that every breath we take is God's grace, another day is a blessing so I'm grateful that I've arrived at 40 today.

For many of us, by the time we reach our 40’s we’ve been through some pretty rough patches in life. The kind that make you fall to your knees in prayer because you’ve finally realised you don’t control the things of this world. God does. So there’s a certain faith-filled confidence that comes with turning 40.

So 40 isn't so bad, being 40 is looking at life through a different lens, being content and remembering that it's by the grace of God that I am able to celebrate my 40th birthday!

"Being joyful isn't what makes you grateful, being grateful is what makes you joyful"

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