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Keeping Family Time,'Quality'

Building memories with the family can be a lot of fun! Enjoying the simple things in life!

Photo time with the cousins, Kingston, Heaven, Nylah, Dayri & Emil.

Spent the day at the beach near Huia out West. Nylah, Heaven & Shyne.

There was nothing more important than spending time with family. Life is hectic, and no one in the household seems to be on the same schedule. When you’re coming home from work, they’re always on their way out. Distractions are everywhere. But quality family time doesn’t need to disappear.

It's so important not to loose quality family time during the holiday season when everything tends to be more casual and out of routine.

Here's 7 simple things that can help keep families time 'quality'!

1. Eat Together!

It sounds simple, but the majority of families don’t eat dinner together anymore. Even though most people say eating meals together is important, the fact is – most don’t, and the number is falling. Turn off the TV and talk, this includes all electronic devices! We have been guilty of this, we don't even own a dinning table because of lack of space, but that shouldn't be an excuse not to sit together around the island kitchen table.

2. Play Together!

Games are fun, right? Schedule a night on those busy calendars to have a family game night! Our family loves playing cards, also the kids love Monopoly and Scramble. It's fun and interacting with one another. No electronics needed when playing old school, bring out the board games!

3. Celebrate Together!

From a great school report to a promotion at work, nothing helps bring the family together more than celebrating life’s small (and sometimes not-so-small) victories. Whether you go out or stay home, make it a special occasion. You’re only limited by your creativity! It's a great way to treat the family and to share one's achievements and success.

4. Family Vacation Together!

Whether or not time can be found for the family to spend time together on a daily or weekly basis, family vacations are a must. From the unforgettable memories to the bonding time, it’s a win-win from a quality time standpoint. End of last year went to a few family trips to our sons tournaments, and to other small trips out of Auckland, but it was the time spent together that made the trips fun and memorable, we even had a snow fight along the way, {my first time touching snow} super excitng.

5. Study Together!

We like to have bible study time, it's a great way to connect with the kids, talk about their day, what they struggle with, and it's a blessing as parents to learn along side with the kids.

I know most kids don't find homework, or studying fun, but spending time together with the kids can help them learn, I know my daughter Shyne loves it when I help her with her homework, something I need to work more on with all the kids this year!

6. Exercise Together!

Ok this is a big one for our family this year! Our family wants to be healthier this year, what a great opportunity for family time. Already the boys are mad on playing Basketball, maybe the girls can join in. Exercising as a family offers so many benefits – imagine spending time together while improving everyone’s emotional and physical health – it’s a no brainer. Last year my sister and I decided to take all the kids for a family hike to the waterfalls, it was fun and amazing, we loved it so much we did it again and dragged my husband and friends along. Spending more time out doors is a great thing.

7. Read Together!

We all love story time growing up, I'm sure nothings change, kids love stories, whether you’ve made them up or are reading a book. Reading can be a special time to bond.

No family is the same, and I'm sure we've all struggled with just doing some of these simple and basic things, the good thing is, it's never too late to start!

Here's to 'Keeping Family Time 'Quality!'


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