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Shyne turning 10!

Shyne {Shine}

'to give forth or glow with light; shed or cast light'

'to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle'

Our little girl has turned 10, from single to double digits.

She's exactly like her name. Bright, light, glows, glisten sprinkled with sparkles... a real shinning star!

Shyne wanted to spend her birthday with her closest friends, she made a list of things she wanted to celebrate on her birthday, from food to decorations to games and invitations, {I'm sure if Shyne had a job, she would be the perfect event/party planner}

She said to me if nothing on her list plans out, that she was totally ok with it, no pressure, all she wanted was to spend her day with her friends + family keeping things simple,...just one of the things we love about Shyne. The last real birthday party we had for her was when she was only 3 years old. Even then she celebrated it with her older sister turning 5 at the time, they both have their birthdays a week apart, so that year we decided to do a combined birthday party. Since then Shyne's birthdays were all low key. She doesn't even fuss about it too much. So when she started making plans for her 10th birthday, I was all in. {her list came in handy}

Her birthday was spent with her closest friends, playing games, making beaded bracelets, dancing + singing. She loved her chocolate, with strawberry topping birthday cake + ice cream, sweets + plenty of goodies. Ended the night with a girls movie night Pj sleep over.

Her day planned out exactly how she wanted,... surrounded by all her family and friends filled with fun, laughter and love.

Shyne loves to laugh! She loves to make jokes, always looking for opportunities to make others smile.

She's a huge source of joy and happiness to everyone who knows and loves her, making our life and others much more beautiful.

God has been so gracious to us, giving us a gift unique and precious to our family.

We are blessed everyday by the joy you bring to our lives.

We pray that God will protect and bless you. x

Chleo, Shyne + Umi

Shyne with the twins Fou + Lena

Pashyn, Shyne + Malita

Chleo, Shyne + Umi

Shyne with Pashyn + Malita

Cleo, Rayanah, Aidan, Malita, Umi, Jaylah, Pashyn, Shyne, Keziah, Lena, Fou, Chleo

Shyne with her best friend Keziah, they have been friends since they were babies.

A photo take of Shyne when she was 6 years old - Te Atatu North Beach

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