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Love that shines beauty

It was a love made in heaven, they simply were meant to be together.

I just love the providence of God, His timing is perfect!

As their hearts were knitted together, The Lord has a way of working things out, bringing two souls together.

It always excites me when I see love and marriage built on a strong foundation!

Their wedding day was filled with testimonies of love, joy and blessings.

Meeting Josiah + Zipporah I couldn't help but notice their sweet and adorable love, they were glowing with excitement as their wedding day was approaching.

Weddings are unique and special, but it always gives me such joy when I have the opportunity to photograph a wedding that is so Gospel centred. It's a reminder of the richness and blessing marriage is, a gift from the Lord, designed to honour God as a blessing to others and to Glorify Him. Both were shining examples of God's love for them and for each other.

Capturing their day unfold, it was clear that these two were a match made in Heaven!

This is the love that shines beauty! ...

It was their Love for The Lord!


N a u n a x

Ceremony Decorations: Reformed Avondale Church family / Ceremony Pastor: David Waldron / Venue: Cassels / Videography: Sam Goris / Makeup Artist: Joanna Ndaba Artistry / Photographer: Nauna Photography / Ceremony: Reformed Avondale Church

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